Q. What method of payment can I use and how much does it cost?
A. We accept payment by Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Money Transfers (Western Union etc.) and Money Orders. The cost is only 75¢ to $1.18 per minute for these payment methods - the cheapest in the industry.

Q. How will the charge show-up on my credit card or bank statement?
A. All charges show up discreetly as "ZMC".

Q. How will you use my personal information?
A. Your personal account information will only be used for the billing of the service. It will NOT be made available to anyone. Never.

Q. Can I talk to psychics that are Off-line?
A. No. The psychics that are labeled "Off-line" are not available to talk. When they do become available, their status will change to "Available".

Q. What is a 702 number?
A. 702 is the area code of Las Vegas (Nevada), USA. This is where your call will be answered and connected via automated dispatch to the psychic you pick.

Q. Why do you have a local line instead of a toll-free number?
A. Our unique system allows our callers to repeatedly listen to FREE recorded messages of our psychics. This would not be possible with a toll-free number because of the enormous expense it would create.

Q. Will I have to pay long distance charges on the 702 number?
A. If you are not in the Las Vegas area you will. However, most long distance plans today are Free or only charge a couple cents per minute, which makes us the cheapest service available on the market.

Q. What will I hear when I call the 702 number?
A. You will hear the main menu stating the rates for a live call etc. You can listen for free to the voice messages of all the psychics that are currently available by pressing "2", or you can simply enter the extension of the psychic you wish to talk to and the system will let you know their status. To talk live with a psychic, you'll need to set-up an account and purchase a "receipt". To do this, just press "9" at anytime during the main menu. You can also press zero "0" at anytime for operator assistance.

Q. How does a receipt work?
A. A receipt is a prepaid block of time good for 15 minutes of talk. You can purchase multiple receipts at a discount. Unused receipts stay on your account and can be used at anytime in the future. Before connecting to a psychic, you'll enter the number of receipts you want to use with them (i.e. if you want to talk for 30 minutes you would enter 2 receipts, for 15 minutes you'd enter 1 receipt etc). Note: Unused minutes are not retained on your account (i.e. if you only talk for 10 minutes on a 15 minute receipt etc).

Q. How much does a receipt cost?
A. Receipts cost $19 each, but can be as low as $12 each based on the method of payment and the quantity purchased as follows:

Credit Cards and Debit Cards
Western Unions and Money Orders

Q. Do you accept International calls?
A. Absolutely! Our 702 number can be dialed from anywhere in the World. All you need is a touch-tone phone and a credit card.

Q. Can I do a call with two psychics?
A. Yes, if you have three-way calling and more than one receipt on your account. You're in total control, here's what you do: Once you connect to the first psychic, ask them to hold while you use your three-way to dial into the system again to pick the second psychic. Once you're en route or connected to the second psychic then click the first psychic back on for a two psychic call. Simple!

Q. Are you hiring psychics?
A. Yes, we're always looking for good psychics. Please go to our employment page for more information.

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